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Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a netball centre
A diverse sports and entertainment arena designed for full television broadcasting events, intimate concerts & major international indoor sporting events.
Compressed straw ceiling panel installation in a convention centre project
Hosting over a thousand events every year, Melbourne Convention Centre is internationally renowned for its wide range of spaces and innovative design.
Compressed straw ceiling panels used in a sound stage project
Village Roadshows 9th studio is the largest Sound Stage in the Southern Hemisphere, cementing its position as one of Australia’s premier filming locations.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a sports pavilion
Situated in Melbourne’s South East – at the Melbourne Football Clubs ever-expanding Casey Fields Training Hub – the new facility is home to the Demons’ Women’s team alongside their AFL and VFL squads.
Durra Lifting Frame installation of ceiling module at Melbourne Park
Melbourne Parks new Function and Broadcast centre, CENTREPIECE - is well underway, joining the impressive line-up of arenas.
An interior image of a cafe with lighting on the roof in the shape of an X
This large-scale church facility, located in suburban Mount Eden, was a dream come to life for the community.
An exterior aerial shot from a few blocks away of the Perth Arena
A world class, indoor, multi-purpose, all weather arena that caters for sports and entertainment, even theatre or an intimate concert.
An image of the interior of the Docklands Icehouse ice-rink with a group of people skating on the ice
The Medibank Icehouse is Australia’s premier ice sports and entertainment venue that incorporates two Olympic sized ice skating rinks.
An image of the interior roof of a building that is mid construction.
The Northern Water Treatment Plant is an advanced water treatment facility located near Wandoan in far North Queensland. The plant will have capacity to purify 100 million litres of water per day.
An interior image of a building at the gold coast studios showing Durra Acoustic Ceiling System
The largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere has now taken residence in the Gold Coast.
An image of the exterior of the Docklands Studios building
The project design team specified the use of Durra Panel acoustic roof, ceiling and wall systems, to form an acoustic envelope throughout each studio complex.
Compressed straw wall panel being installed in an industrial facility
Resource sector services company Sedgman was engaged to engineer, procure and construct a new coal handling and preparation plant at the Narrabri North coal mine in New South Wales.
Aerial view of victorian desalination plant
This land mark project was featured on Discovery Channels Build it Bigger programme and is the largest desalination plant in the southern hemisphere.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a sports facility
Mullum Mullum Stadium is Manningham Council's premiere netball and basketball arena functioning as the centre stage for local community sport and activity.
An image of the interior of a building mid construction.
Durra Trafficable Ceiling Systems contribute to a large part of Durra Panel’s focus on global industrial innovation and commitment to our core values of Growth and Sustainability.
The interior of a classroom with school children sitting at tables, framed at the roof to highlight the panels installed in the roof.
Cornish College’s education facility design focused on and championed sustainability through use of Durra Panel.
An interior image of a buildings roof while the building is still under construction.
Sound Stage 6 represents a significant asset to the Durra Panel Sustainability and Acoustic portfolio, with the multi-layered acoustic roof ceiling and wall system, extracting 930 T of carbon dioxide.
Durra Ceiling System used in a sports stadium
Iona College’s double-court sports hall featured a unique hourglass shaped floorplan and large floor to ceiling windows across the entire end wall.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a convention centre
A striking waterfront entertainment facility that signified the first use of Durra Panel in the Northern Territory.
Compressed straw ceiling panel being used in a convention centre
The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre was Australia’s first commercial project to incorporate Durra Panel’s Fiberglass Soundsorb Finish in order to achieve high-level noise absorption.
Durra Ceiling Panels used in a residential home demonstrating biophilic design
Durra Panel’s history in residential projects date back to the 1960’s when Melbourne based architect Peter Mcintyre designed and constructed the now heritage listed Butterfly House.
Compressed straw panel wall and ceiling system used in a home office space
Creating a workable and livable space using Durra Panel.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a convention centre
ICC Sydney is designed to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly venue, with a 6-star Green Star environmental rating.
External image of a performing arts centre
The breathtaking design of this state-of-the-art performance theatre by ARM Architecture, drew inspiration from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
Compressed straw panel ceiling system used in a sound stage
Ignite Architects were the lead architectural firm that brought together a specialist team to design and deliver Project Kelly in a tight 12-month program between filming seasons. 
Compressed straw panel ceiling used in a theatre
The Dairy Road Theatre is a studio space run by Lexi Sekuless Productions. Where they used Durra Panel to help with sound absorption and isolation.
Completed Durra Acoustic Studio Kit used for rehearsing and recording music
Introducing a symphony of innovation and artistic expression - the Durra Panel Double-Layer Disconnected Acoustic Studio Series 3, uniquely crafted by Australian country music sensation, Rory Ellis.
Completed Durra Acoustic Studio Kit used for rehearsing and recording music
A local Australian Rock Band undertook the creation of a Durra Panel Series 3 Acoustic Studio. Housed within a spacious warehouse in Coburg, this innovative studio was designed to assist with the reco
Compressed straw panel ceiling used in a performing arts centre
The Big Top Tent at Sydney's iconic Luna Park is a versatile venue designed to host a wide range of events, from functions to rock concerts.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a school performing arts centre
The performing arts centre at Ocean Reef Senior High School is a hub for creativity and expression, accommodating up to 268 patrons. This space serves as the stage for countless performances.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a school gymnasium
We are delighted to see that Durra Panel has been chosen for this local project, not only bolstering the regional economy but also fostering sustainability by curbing transport emissions.
Compressed straw panel ceiling and wall system used in a residential home
This exquisite Scarborough residence draws inspiration from Joost Baker's iconic 'Green House' design.
Durra Ceiling Panels used in a residential home demonstrating biophilic design
Durra Panel is fast becoming a sustainable alternative to traditional building practices within the residential industry. Given properties such as ease of installation & thermal capabilities.
Compressed straw wall and ceiling panel used in a residential home
A self-sustaining, zero-waste, productive house that demonstrated the potential of our home to provide shelter, produce food and generate energy.
Compressed Straw Panel used in a ceiling system in a school classroom
This group of classrooms used Durra Panel laminated with cement sheet to deliver a robust and low-maintenance finish that is imperative for educational facilities.
Compressed straw panel ceiling being installed in a stadium using the Durra Lifting Frame
Claudelands Events Centre in Hamilton is a versatile facility that includes an indoor concert and sports arena with seating for up to 5,000 people, a two-level conference center.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a school multipurpose hall
Durra Panel combined with Quietspace is used in the ceiling system to provide an acoustic high-impact resistance surface to be able to take the knocks and blows of sporting equipment.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in a school gymnasium
The combination of Durra Panel Acoustic Pattern and Durra Panel Plywood was designed to create an acoustic and impact-resistant wall system in the Multipurpose Gymnasium.
Durra Acoustic Studio Kit in Natural Finish and with cladding applied
The room provides a unique VR experience for architects and clients to see and hear how their upcoming projects will perform.
Compressed straw ceiling panel used in an industrial facility
A state of the art Victorian Government sponsored scientific facility for the study of physical elements at the sub atomic level.
Person installing a compressed straw panel partition wall in a warehouse space
Their vision was to maximize the utility of the area by creating offices alongside dedicated storage for equipment and supplies.
Completed Durra Acoustic Studio Kit used for rehearsing and recording music
The spacious 5.6m x 9.2m studio boasts just under 50 m2 of rehearsal space, perfect for a full band setup.
Radford College in Canberra has recently completed the construction of a new cutting-edge Multi-Function Hall, spanning 2,000 sqm.
Australia's leading centers for basketball and gymnastics.
The Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre at Trinity College stands as a testament to modern architectural and acoustic excellence

Major Construction Projects with Durra Panel

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Durra Panel has a range of large-scale construction projects as part of our exceptional portfolio, which have benefitted from our premium sustainable compressed straw panels and building systems. Some of the largest construction projects Australia-wide have used Durra Panel to minimise noise and increase acoustic performance.

From Convention Centres to Sound Stages, Durra Panel has effectively dampened low-frequency sound by optimally reducing sound transmission and improving sound absorption. This has helped create professional high-performance acoustic spaces all over the world such as film and television studios, live performance spaces and recording studios.

Compressed straw panels used in some of the largest construction projects in Australia

These project case studies demonstrate the Durra Lifting Frame process to quickly and safely install Durra Ceiling System modules in large-scale projects. Our expert team can help to explain how this sustainable and cost saving solution can work for your next large-scale project.

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