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Elevate your space with a versatile sustainable ceiling and wall panel that is made entirely from straw. Explore the possibilities, embrace the sustainable elegance, and make Durra Panel finishes an integral part of your next visionary project. Your spaces deserve nothing less.

Why use Durra Panel?

The environmental impact of energy production is intensifying, and the supply of natural resources such as timber, sand and fossil fuels is under pressure to satisfy a worldwide demand. Because of this, the need for sustainable materials in building construction has become a modern-day necessity to ensure the global demand for natural resources can be sustained.

Using sustainable materials is one way that we can collectively seek to minimise the effects of climate change where possible. Ortech Industries takes on this responsibility with its conversion of a wasted agricultural by-product into a strong and durable construction material, Durra Panel®. The unique panel core extrusion process requires no water, gas, additives, glues or chemical binders and produces zero toxic waste.

With outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties that embody CO2 rather than emit it, Durra Panel® offers superior environmental performance compared to other rigid board construction products. Each phase of the panel’s life cycle provides an environmentally preferable outcome, reducing the impact of built environments with a material that has an exceptionally low embodied energy and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its natural life.

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