Durra Panel is a naturally effective material for noise control.

Specifically, the low-frequency sound associated with aircrafts, heavy industry and performing spaces. It can be finished in a variety of ways to suit specific acoustic needs with both sound absorption and sound transmission loss able to be provided.

Ceilings & Walls

Our range of Ceiling and Wall products offer high-performance, cost-effective solutions to address a wide range of complex acoustic needs.

We have a successful track record in projects such as:

  • Airports
  • Stadiums and Multi-purpose venues
  • Theatres and Performing Art Centres
  • Music, Film and TV Studios
  • Entertainment and Convention Centres
  • School and Sports Gymnasiums
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Large scale manufacturing and production facilities
  • Defence Facilities

Luna Park - Acoustic Brief

For the Big Top Tent at Sydney’s Luna Park, a high-performance ceiling system was required to completely stop noise breaking out into nearby apartments.

Designed to host a variety of events from functions to rock concerts, noise levels were anticipated to reach 120dB – the same loudness of a Jet Engine at full power 5m away.

Durra Panel was used to create a lightweight ceiling system that followed the unique shape of the tent’s structure while providing great internal acoustics. And once tested after installation, the performance was equivalent to a heavy concrete slab.

Acoustic Studio Kits

Durra Panel Acoustic Studio Kits are quick, easy to install and dismount, modular in design, excellent in noise cancellation studio.

For over 30 years Durra Panel has been used in Acoustic recording studios in Australia and around the world.

Durra Panel Acoustic Studios are ideal for:

  • Rehearsal Studios
  • Recording Spaces
  • Voice Over/ Vocal Booths
  • Drum Rooms
  • Home Cinemas

Find out more on our Acoustic Studio Kits here: Durra Acoustic Studio Kits


Acoustic Image
Acoustic Church

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