Bayside, Melbourne Home


Bayside, Melbourne Home

Durra Panel’s history in residential projects date back to the 1960’s where Melbourne based architect Peter Mcintyre designed and constructed the now heritage listed Butterfly House, featuring compressed straw panels in both the ceilings and walls.
Compressed straw panel ceiling used in a residential home in construction
Compressed straw wall panel being installed in a residential home
Considering the environmental impact of your choice in building materials is now a critical part of any design.

Considered back then a product of the future, compressed straw panels went hand in hand with the architects modernistic designs as a ceiling panel, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for comfortable living. Architects such as Robyn Boyd and Paul Archibald also frequently specified the compressed straw panels in similar applications throughout the 70’s and 80’s in favour for a point of difference to traditional building practices with skillion roof design.

The residential project located in Melbourne’s bayside, utilised Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections to provide a fast and pre-finished roof/ceiling system once the pre-fabricated wall frames were erected. Using the spanning capabilities of the Durra Steel Sections with Durra Panel Plywood finish, a high end ceiling system was created to compliment the large open plan living spaces.

The excellent thermal properties of Durra Panel were also considered during the design to help lower heating and cooling costs without sacrificing ceiling height. With all materials arriving on site cut to length and ready to be installed, the ceiling system was installed in just 2 days by local carpenters with no offcuts or wastage after construction.

Builder: Owner Builder

Durra Panel Finish: Natural, Plywood & Painted