Eco Range


Swatch of Durra Panel Paint Finish
Eco Range


Transform your interior spaces with the sleek and sophisticated charm of Durra Panel’s Paint Finish. Whether you’re working on commercial spaces, residential buildings, or any other interior design endeavour, our Paint Finish is designed to meet your needs.

Let us save you time by delivering it to you pre-painted and ready to be installed.

Vibrant Range of Dulux Colors: Choose from a diverse array of Dulux Colours to customise your space exactly as you envision it. From calming neutrals to vibrant statement hues, our Paint Finish provides a versatile canvas for your creative expression. Achieve the perfect ambience and mood for any room with ease.

Efficiency Redefined: One of the remarkable benefits of our Paint Finish is its ability to save valuable time during the construction process. By opting for a painted finish, you significantly reduce the need for traditional wet trades, such as painters and plastering. This translates to quicker construction times, allowing you to meet project deadlines and move on to the next phase faster.

Maximum Panel Size: 1187mm x 3600mm

Thickness: 50mm or 58mm

Weight: 18.5 – 22 kg per square meter

All materials can be supplied painted and cut to specific sizes.

Best used for

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Decorative finishes

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