Using Durra Panel

The Benefits


Durra Panel® is manufactured from wheat and rice straw, a natural, renewable annual resource. This agricultural waste by-product would otherwise be destroyed by burning following harvest, contributing


Durra Panel® has a proven track record for low frequency noise control, specifically noise reduction around aircrafts, heavy industry and performance spaces.
Acoustic Luna Park


Durra Panel® is ten times more effective in resisting knocks and blows in sporting or industrial areas compared to impact resistant plasterboard.

Fire Resistant

Durra Panel® is a unique, naturally fire-resistant product that releases no dangerous toxic fumes, no flaming droplets and no dense smoke.
Fire Resistance

Simple Installation

All Durra Panel® components can be delivered to site pre-cut and finished, with areas not needing to be revisited once installed meaning no wet trades or extensive scaffolding.


Durra Panel’s dense core acts as a natural thermal mass barrier between internal and external environments.
Thermal and radiant heat protection


Durra Panel® is a strong, solid and rigid building material.

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