Using Durra Panel

The Benefits of our Compressed Straw Wall & Ceiling Panels


Durra Panel is made from reclaimed wheat straw, a natural & renewable resource. Instead of being discarded, this is turned into an eco-friendly building material.


Our sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels offer high-performance, cost-effective solutions to address a wide range of complex acoustic needs.
Acoustic Luna Park

Fire Resistant

Fully certified for fire resistance, Durra Panel provides an extremely effective barrier against the spread of fire, producing no flaming drops or dense smoke.
Fire Resistance


Ten times more durable than equivalent plasterboard product, Durra Panel is perfect for hard wearing sporting and industrial areas.


By efficiently using energy, Durra Panel helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and creates a barrier between internal and external environments.
Thermal and radiant heat protection

Modular Installation

Durra Panel can be delivered to site pre-cut and finished, with areas not needing to be revisited once installed meaning no wet trades or extensive scaffolding.
Durra Panel Modular On-Site Installation


Durra Panel can be safely walked on during construction, fast-tracking the roof decking installation process with no safety mesh needed.

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