Fire Resistant

Benefits & Features

Durra Panel® is a unique, naturally fire-resistant product.

That releases no dangerous toxic fumes, no flaming droplets and no dense smoke. With a one-hour fire-rated panel to panel joint, the carbonising action of the straw when exposed to flame hinders fire penetration of the densely-compressed panel core.
Durra Panel is FM approved as a Class 1 construction material.

Durra Panel® has an extensive test history on its fire resistance in accordance with Australian Standards and global certification, plus is FM approved as a Class 1 construction material.

What happens to Durra Panel When there is a Fire?

When Durra Panel is exposed to fire the Kraft liner facing will char off and the densely compressed panel core will carbonise, providing an extremely effective barrier against the spread and penetration of the fire. As soon as the flames & fuel source are removed from the panel, carbonizing stops, the glow will disappear and the panel will not smoulder, curl up or distort.

The thermal insulation from the Durra Panel also provides a safe barrier so that a hand can safely be held on the reverse side of the board without any heat being felt during a fire.

Building with Durra Panel in a bushfire environment.

In a bushfire situation, one of the biggest causes of death is exposure to radiant heat. The fire-resistant properties of Durra Panel provide protection against radiant heat and bushfire flames. With a fire rated panel to panel joint, Durra Panel has a CSIRO fire resistance test rating of 1 hour.
Building with Durra Panel and having a comprehensive bushfire plan in place will help to protect a buildings inhabitants as the bushfire front passes through, usually between 2 and 5 minutes.

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