Can Durra Panel be used externally?

Durra Panel is designed to be used as an internal finish only. While the panel can take a light shower during construction it cannot sustain continuous exposure to the elements.

Do I need any special tools to cut Durra Panel?

Durra Panel can be cut with an ordinary Circular or Reciprocating Saw providing you use a course blade when cutting. More information can be found here

What happens to Durra Panel when there is a fire?

When Durra Panel is exposed to fire the Kraft liner facing will char off and the densely compressed panel core will carbonise, providing an extremely effective barrier against the spread and penetration of the fire. As soon as the flames & fuel source are removed from the panel, carbonizing stops, the glow will disappear and the panel will not smoulder, curl up or distort. The thermal insulation from the Durra Panel also provides a safe barrier so that a hand can safely be held on the reverse side of the board without any heat being felt during a fire.

Fixing shelves and cupboards

No more looking for studs! Fixings and fixtures such as TVs or shelving can be fixed directly to Durra Panel in any location. Durra Panel can support a load of 40kg per 40mm screw.

Lighting Fixtures, power outlets and any HVAC vents can be cut or fixed directly to the face of the Durra Panel.

Durra Steel Section Finishes

Durra Steel Sections can be supplied with a high-quality powder-coat finish to the exposed area of the bottom tee flange. The zinc coated surface of the steel section can be easily and satisfactorily painted providing the technique used is compatible with the zinc surface. Recommended steps are to clean and remove all oil and grease, apply one coat of each primer and undercoat and use proprietary brand paint for the final coat.

On-site cutting of Durra Steel Sections, if required, is easily achieved using a power saw with cutting disc attachment, or with a hack saw on smaller sections.

Can I hang items from a Durra Ceiling System?

For suspending light-weight services from the ceiling such as lighting, Durra Panel offers universal support brackets which connect to the bottom flange of Durra Steel purlins. The Universal Support Brackets (USBs) are supplied in pairs and are rated to a safe working load (SWL) capacity of 60kg per pair.

What sizes does Durra Panel come in?

Durra Panel natural finish is manufactured at a base thickness of 50mm and a standard width of 1187mm – panel lengths made to order. All materials are supplied cut to your required dimensions however, for handling, we suggest keeping panels to a maximum length of 3600mm.

How can I use Durra Panel in a ceiling?

Durra Roof / Ceiling System includes Durra I-Beams or Durra Duplex Beams which can act as rafters (vertical beams) or purlins (horizontal beams), typically spanning the shorter distance.

Durra Panel can also be installed in ceilings using exposed timber framing. Durra Panel requires a minimum of 25mm perimeter support.

How to fix Durra Panel to stud frame

Durra Panel can be screw fixed at the top and bottom not within 25mm of a panel edge. These fixings can be concealed by cornice and skirting. It is also recommended to apply stud adhesive between the stud frame and the panel.

How high can my Durra Panel wall be?

There are a few different types of Durra Panel Wall Systems including a wall lining and single or double layer partition walls. These are detailed in our Residential Applications brochure which can be downloaded here.

Should I also use insulation?

It is recommended to use insulation in any wall or ceiling cavity to maximise the thermal comfort.

Durra Panel will boost the thermal performance by adding to the overall R Value calculation of the wall and ceiling systems as it can have a higher R Value than other lining materials.

Can Durra Panel be used in a shed conversion?

Shed conversion projects are fantastic; however, depending on the type of building/shed, some have limitations when it comes to adding weight to the structural (our Durra Panels nominal weight is 18.5 Kg per square meter). We would recommend using the Durra Panel double channels and top and bottom channels for the walls, this would allow for the support of the ceiling beams.

Will the finished product be similar to a plasterboard wall?

Durra Panel wall systems allow for creative and artistic freedom when it comes to joining methods. The panel-to-panel joins present an opportunity to explore options such as: feature timber express joins, powder-coated Durra Double Channel studs or subtle flexible caulking. The opportunities for customisation are endless.

Is Durra Panel only for commercial use?

Durra Panel can be used in a range of commercial, residential, industrial and acoustic applications, Durra Panel is a versatile building material which provides benefits to many industries and homeowners.

Do Durra Panel do CPD presentations?

Yes, we currently provide a sustainability based CPD presentation. Visit our Resources page to find out more.


Do you have any distributors interstate/internationally?

We manufacture and dispatch all products around Australia, America, New Zealand and the world from our plant in Bendigo, Australia.

You can also pick up materials directly from our plant in Bendigo.

Is there an off-the-shelf panel size I can buy?

Besides our standard panel width of 1187mm, there is no typical panel size and all products are made to order. This helps minimise wastage both in the factory and onsite.

Durra Panel has square edges and is produced in two thicknesses; S50 (nominal 50mm thick) and S58 (nominal 58mm thick).

Ordering Durra Steel Sections

Durra Steel Sections are custom cut to suit project requirements. Orders should state clearly — the section size, length, hole punching for cleated connections, tee unit location, wedge slot height, the number required of each length, together with clear pick-up/delivery instructions.

How much does Durra Panel cost?

Durra Panels are made to order with the natural finish starting at AU$39.10 per square metre. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions about price, size, or shipping.

Can you ship to states other than Victoria?

Our freight team coordinates services nationally. All transport costs are calculated per order based on dimensions and quantities.

Can I have a sample of Durra Panel?

We can certainly provide you with a sample, simply send us an email at hello@durrapanel.com or call (03) 9580 7766.

Do you ship to USA?

Yes, we ship Durra Panel to the USA and around the world.

Do you ship to New Zealand?

Yes, we ship Durra Panel to New Zealand and around the world.


How is the straw inside the panel held together?

We rely on a dry extrusion process to manufacture Durra Panel, through the use of heat and pressure. During this process, the natural lignin within the straw is drawn out to bind the fibres together and form the rigid panel core. This means we don’t need any additional chemicals or binding agents, resulting in a completely natural building material.

100% Australian Made

Durra Panel is 100% Australian made and owned. All materials are sourced locally around Australia and our manufacturing plant that is based in Bendigo, Victoria which helps support our regional supply chain partners.

Durra Steel Section properties

All Durra steel sections are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel strip with a zinc coating of Z275 gm/m². This coating ensures adequate protection from normal atmospheric conditions.

Durra steel sections are designed to support Durra ceiling and roof-ceiling systems in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. (Refer Span Design Data in our Technical Manual).

Will my panels have taped edges?

Full width panels (1187mm) are tape sealed at the top and bottom, leaving an exposed tape edge on the face of the panel. This will be concealed by cornice and skirting or any claddings applied to the face of the panel.

Any additional panel cuts made before delivery or on site for smaller widths, doors, windows or services must be tape sealed and may leave a visible tape edge on the face of the panel.


Termites & Mice

The high density solid core of Durra Panel is not subject to attack from termites or rodents. The wheat and rice straw fibre used to produce Durra Panel is not considered a food source for termites and white ants.


Durra Panel is a sustainable & recyclable product made from 100% of straw, therefore its’lifespan is relevant to the existence of a building. Durra Panel was first used in the 1950s for residential use and the home is still standing to this day.


Durra Panel is typically an internal product and needs to be kept dry.

Durra Steel Sections, because they are galvanised, may be left on site exposed to weather providing normal precautions for galvanised materials are observed.

For wet areas of the home such as Bathrooms, Laundries, and Kitchens, Durra Panel Cement Sheet finish can be used as the interior wall. Check out our Tips & Tricks section under our News & Resources.


Durra Panel is designed to be 7 times more resistant to mould than traditional plaster materials. The solid panel core minimises the potential for condensation to occur.

Durra Panel is vapour diffusant and works well in areas of high humidity. Uses of Durra Panel for both wall and ceiling application are extensive in the Northern Territory, Queensland and throughout Asia.

R Value vs K Value

Thermal performance can be measured by Thermal Resistance (R Value) and Thermal Conductivity (K Value). A higher resistance or a slower speed of conductivity means less heat or cold transfer, which leads to more comfortable internal temperatures and less energy use for heating and cooling.

R Value is thickness dependent and a higher value is desirable. Durra Panel R Value is 0.62.
K Value is consistent regardless of thickness and a lower value is desirable. Durra Panel K Value is 0.081.

Durra Panel thermal performance

Natural Finish Durra Panel has an R Value of 0.62. To achieve the same R Value as Durra Panel you would need:

  • 10 sheets of 13mm plasterboard (per sheet R Value 0.06)
  • 47 sheets of 6mm fibre cement sheets (per sheet R Value 0.013)
  • 750mm of rammed earth (250mm R Value 0.02)
  • 885mm of concrete (100mm R Value 0.07)
  • 9 layers of bricks (per 110mm brick R Value 0.07)

What is the fire rating of Durra Panel?

Durra Panel achieves a one-hour fire resistance level (FRL). Group 2 and 3 finishes are available. FM approved as a Class 1 Product.