Durra Panel Advanced Technology and Licensing Transfer

Having honed our technology over the past 35 years and been in continuous productions since the 1960’s, Durra Panel’s innnovative manufacturing sets a worldwide standard for sustainable manufacturing.

Durra Panel manufacturing facilities can be tailored to produce materials for sophisticated high-performance roof / ceiling and wall systems catering to commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Durra Panel has been successfully used in airports, stadiums, sound stages, industrial facilities and schools across the world. Durra Panel also manufactures a diverse range of modular buildings, encompassing residential housing, field hospitals, schools, barracks, medical clinics, and emergency shelters – particularly crucial for nations undergoing significant redevelopment efforts.

The benefits of establishing a Durra Panel production facility are as follows:

  • A complete range of acoustic roof / ceiling and wall systems combining steel roll forming with a variety of Durra Panel products.
  • Meet growing demand for quality, affordable housing and related infrastructure facilities that can be easily expanded for future needs.
  • Use readily accessible natural materials.
  • Stimulate nationwide economy by generating significant activity in the agriculture, construction, and job sectors.
  • Supplying a turnkey solution complete with training and sustained support.
  • Yielding substantial returns on a modest investment.

Licensing this production technology provides an opportunity to convert a plentiful and currently overlooked resource – straw fibre – into a versatile, durable, and fire-resistant construction material.

Exclusivity and Licensing Agreement will be considered on a country-by-country basis.

If you have any queries, please contact us at sales@ortech.com.au