Durability Benefits of our Wall & Ceiling Panels

Durra Panel is ten times more durable than impact resistant plasterboard.

The unique dry extrusion process used to manufacture Durra Panel converts the straw resource material into an engineered panel core that is densely compressed and tougher than comparable construction panels.

Durra Panel can support 1800kg

Durra Panel is able to withstand the knocks and blows associated with sporting and industrial areas, providing a high level of strength that is ten times more effective than impact resistant plasterboard. With just 25mm of perimeter support, a panel can support an evenly distributed load of 1800kg, without failure through the 50mm panel core.

Impressive Impact Resistance

Durra Panel has been tested by the CSIRO to determine how impact-resistant the ceiling and wall panels are when compared to various other materials. After a series of tests, Durra Panel was shown to be ten times more durable than other types of impact-resistant plasterboard.

Durra Panel has also undergone thorough structural and load testing by the CSIRO. When used in a ceiling, Durra Panel proved to demonstrate strong load bearing capacity. Our panels also demonstrated a bending moment that was at least five times greater than what was required for the deflection limit and showed significant holding power.

Long Lifespan of Durra Panel

Since its introduction to Australia in 1950’s, Durra Panel has found extensive application in both commercial and residential structures. Originally founded through necessity after World War II due to the scarcity of building materials, Durra Panel has continued to deliver outstanding performance in these buildings over the years.

Recently, RMIT conducted a comprehensive range of tests that focused on panels dating back to the 1970s, which had been in use within a building. These panels were compared to our current-day manufactured panels. The results, published in a scientific paper, revealed that there has been no degradation of the panels over time and no decline in their performance, even after more than 50 years of continuous use.

See the full review of the RMIT Durability and Fire Resistance Study here

Low Maintenance Finish

In addition to its enhanced durability and long life, Durra Panel offers a cost-effective solution for long-lasting interior surfaces, reducing the need for constant repairs and resulting in a truly low-maintenance finish.

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