Modular Installation Benefits of our Wall & Ceiling Panels

All Durra Panel components can be delivered to site pre-cut, finished and ready to install.

With areas not needing to be revisited once installed, wet trades and extensive scaffolding can be avoided, saving time and budget. Our engineered Durra Panel Lifting Frame also allows for large modules to be assembled on-ground, removing the need for prolonged work at heights and significantly improving on-site safety.

Quick installation

Our modular panel system will save you time on installation. For walls, you simply install the panels into a floor track and snap together Durra Panel’s patented biscuit connector system. For roofs and ceilings, you have the capability to install modules at a pace-setting 100 square metres every hour using the Durra Panel Lifting Frame, helping you to stick to strict timelines, and tight project budgets.

Improves on-site safety

Given 11% of all workplace related deaths are attributed to workers falling from heights, the less time spent working in these environments the better. Durra Panel’s modular building panels allow for much of the work to be done at ground level, with the Durra Panel Lifting Frame doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

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