Docklands Sound Stage 6


Docklands Sound Stage 6

Sound Stage 6 represents a significant asset to the Durra Panel Sustainability and Acoustic portfolio, with the multi-layered acoustic roof ceiling and wall system, extracting 930 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere.
Compressed straw wall panels being installed using the Durra Lifting Frame in a sound stage project
Compressed straw wall panels being installed in a sound stage project
Designed to stop heavy traffic noise from the nearby Bolte Bridge.

Docklands Studios Sound Stage 6 is the continuation of work started with Durra Panel back in 2004, when work on the original sound stages was undertaken. Sound Stage 6 stands to be the largest of the current stages, with a ceiling comprised of two double layer systems acoustically separated to prevent noise intrusion.

The project included a multi-layered acoustic roof ceiling system, with a Durra Panel Soundsorb finish to control internal sound, but most importantly, to stop heavy traffic noise from the nearby Bolte Bridge. The Durra Lifting Frame was used to install 120 modules with Durra Panel Soundsorb Finish completing the internal ceiling lining.

Durra Panel Natural finish was also used to line the internal walls with over 1700 individual Durra Wall Panels required to seal the internal acoustic envelope. This brings the total panel area to 30,000m²! That’s over 300 tonnes of waste straw stubble purchased from Victorian farmers to manufacture the Durra Panels across the entire project – a remarkable sustainability achievement.

Architect: Grimshaw Architects

Builder: Kane Constructions

Installer: Signal & Hobbs

Acoustic Consultant: ARUP

Durra System: Roof Ceiling System & Wall System

Durra Panel Finish: Natural & Soundsorb