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Compressed straw ceiling panels used in a sound stage project
Village Roadshows 9th studio is the largest Sound Stage in the Southern Hemisphere, cementing its position as one of Australia’s premier filming locations.
An interior image of a building at the gold coast studios showing Durra Acoustic Ceiling System
The largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere has now taken residence in the Gold Coast.
An image of the exterior of the Docklands Studios building
The project design team specified the use of Durra Panel acoustic roof, ceiling and wall systems, to form an acoustic envelope throughout each studio complex.
An interior image of a buildings roof while the building is still under construction.
Sound Stage 6 represents a significant asset to the Durra Panel Sustainability and Acoustic portfolio, with the multi-layered acoustic roof ceiling and wall system, extracting 930 T of carbon dioxide.
Compressed straw panel ceiling system used in a sound stage
Ignite Architects were the lead architectural firm that brought together a specialist team to design and deliver Project Kelly in a tight 12-month program between filming seasons. 

Sound Studio & Stage Projects

Durra Panel supplies sustainable building materials for sound and recording studios

Durra Panel is a premium material used in sound studio projects as its natural acoustic qualities provide minimised heavy traffic noise while also offering the highest levels of acoustic performance.

Durra Panel is effective at dampening low-frequency sound in large performing spaces and has a variety of finish options to suit specific acoustic needs. Durra Panel is designed to address sound absorption and sound transmission, perfect for high-performance film and television studios, live performance spaces and recording studios.

A naturally effective material for acoustic treatment and soundproofing

Learn how the Durra Lifting Frame has installed Durra Ceiling Systems in large-scale projects by contacting our team who can discuss how this sustainable solution can work for your project. 

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