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July 2018
Hosting over a thousand events every year, Melbourne Convention Centre is internationally renowned for its wide range of spaces and innovative design.
A striking waterfront entertainment facility that signified the first use of Durra Panel in the Northern Territory.
The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre was Australia’s first commercial project to incorporate Durra Panel’s Fiberglass Soundsorb Finish in order to achieve high-level noise absorption.
ICC Sydney is designed to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly venue, with a 6-star Green Star environmental rating.

Exhibition & Convention Centre Building Projects

A sustainable exhibition centre building material made entirely from reclaimed wheat straw 

Durra Panel utilises one of the oldest building materials in the world; compressed wheat and rice straw, a natural and annually renewable resource. Normally an agricultural waste by-product, we use this material to create a durable, sound and fire-proof construction option that saves unnecessary carbon being put back into the atmosphere, lowering carbon emissions. 

The straw is purchased from Australian farmers and suppliers for extra benefit, and one of the primary reasons why Durra Panel has become one of the premium exhibition centre building material suppliers in the world.

An effective material for the acoustic treatment of your exhibition centre

Durra Panel is effective at dampening low-frequency sounds in performance spaces. It can also be finished in a variety of ways to suit sound absorption and sound transmission needs. Durra Panel has become one of the exhibition centre building material suppliers you can trust, and our successful use as part of the Melbourne Convention Centre expansion is a great example of the panels’ application.

Speak with our expert team about the suitability of Durra Panel for your next project and help us create a more sustainable future.

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