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An image of the interior roof of a building that is mid construction.
The Northern Water Treatment Plant is an advanced water treatment facility located near Wandoan in far North Queensland. The plant will have capacity to purify 100 million litres of water per day.
An image of a building being built with 2 people on a building maintenance unit.
Resource sector services company Sedgman was engaged to engineer, procure and construct a new coal handling and preparation plant at the Narrabri North coal mine in New South Wales.
An interior image of the roofing of the Desal Plant Factory
This land mark project was featured on Discovery Channels Build it Bigger programme and is the largest desalination plant in the southern hemisphere.
An image of the interior of a building mid construction.
Durra Trafficable Ceiling Systems contribute to a large part of Durra Panel’s focus on global industrial innovation and commitment to our core values of Growth and Sustainability.

Manufacturing & Industrial Facility Building Projects

A sustainable building material you can rely on? It’s easy with Durra Panel

There is a simple option for those looking for sustainable manufacturing facility building material suppliers; Durra Panel. Our easily trafficable and fire-resistant panels provide the strength and durability required by manufacturing sites while helping to lower the carbon footprint of your project.

The ease of installation ensures that you can maintain any clean-room environment, while also speeding up the construction process. Durra Panel’s trafficable nature makes it the ideal system for suspended ceiling applications. Our walkable product helps to create serviceable areas while safely supporting the tradespeople working on your build.

A fully certified, naturally fire-resistant material

We place a significant focus on safety, which has helped make Durra Panel one of the manufacturing facility building material suppliers you can rely on. We’ve undergone successful applications on previous manufacturing sites such as Greenfield Manufacturing Plant and the Victorian Desalination Plant.

Durra Panel is an exceptionally effective barrier to fire, releasing no toxic fumes, flaming droplets or dense smoke. Ensure the security of your manufacturing plant by making Durra Panel your predominant material. Chat with our team to find out more today.

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