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An interior image of a cafe with lighting on the roof in the shape of an X
This large-scale church facility, located in suburban Mount Eden, was a dream come to life for the community.

Religious Building Projects

A sustainable future is possible for church building projects

Durra Panel offers a sustainable solution for builds and renovations for religious properties. We pride ourselves on being an Australian manufacturer that produces a truly sustainable building material. Our work on Life Church in New Zealand is a testament to the suitability of the Durra Panel for modern religious structures.

Fast, reliable and sustainable

As Durra Panel is manufactured from locally sourced wheat straw, a renewable resource, our product supports Australian farmers and suppliers. Durra Panel creates wall and ceiling solutions using a waste material that may otherwise be burned. Speak to our team today about the many benefits of Durra Panel for your religious organisation’s build and learn more about the future of construction materials.

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