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The interior of a classroom with school children sitting at tables, framed at the roof to highlight the panels installed in the roof.
Cornish College’s education facility design focused on and championed sustainability through use of Durra Panel.
The interior of a stadium with a presentation being held inside.
Iona College’s double-court sports hall featured a unique hourglass shaped floorplan and large floor to ceiling windows across the entire end wall.
The performing arts centre at Ocean Reef Senior High School is a hub for creativity and expression, accommodating up to 268 patrons. This space serves as the stage for countless performances.
We are delighted to see that Durra Panel has been chosen for this local project, not only bolstering the regional economy but also fostering sustainability by curbing transport emissions.
This group of classrooms used Durra Panel laminated with cement sheet to deliver a robust and low-maintenance finish that is imperative for educational facilities.
Durra Panel combined with Quietspace is used in the ceiling system to provide an acoustic high-impact resistance surface to be able to take the knocks and blows of sporting equipment.
The combination of Durra Panel Acoustic Pattern and Durra Panel Plywood was designed to create an acoustic and impact-resistant wall system in the Multipurpose Gymnasium.

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When it comes to school building material suppliers, you can rely on Durra Panel for affordable, easy-to-build materials that have been designed to stop heavy traffic noise and provide high levels of fire safety.

Perfectly crafted to dampen low-frequency sound in large spaces and available in a variety of finish options, Durra Panel offers a soundproof solution perfect for quietening external and breakout noise to and from the surrounding neighbourhood. Designed for both sound absorption and sound transmission, we have completed a successful build at Cornish College, proving that an eco-friendly solution like Durra Panel is the next step forward in sustainable building materials.

An educational building material supplier that you can trust

Our team can deliver all Durra Panel components to your facility pre-cut, finished and ready to install for a faster build. Areas will not need to be revisited once installed, avoiding wet trades and extensive scaffolding, keeping your students safe and lowering installation costs. In addition, our engineered Durra Panel Lifting Frame assembles large modules on-ground, significantly improving on-site safety.

Speak with our expert team about Durra Panel for your educational facility today, and choose a sustainable, 100% recyclable and biodegradable solution for the sake of tomorrow.

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