Ocean Reef Senior High School Performing Arts Centre


Ocean Reef Performing Arts Centre

The performing arts centre at Ocean Reef Senior High School is a hub for creativity and expression, accommodating up to 268 patrons. This space serves as the stage for countless performances, rehearsals, and artistic endeavours.
Enhancing its acoustics and maintaining a conducive learning environment.

However, enhancing its acoustics and maintaining a conducive learning environment posed a significant challenge, especially with the school operating in full swing.

Durra Panel’s Solution: The Durra Panel system emerged as the ideal solution to address the project’s unique challenges. Its modular installation capability was a game-changer for Roofese, the project’s installer. Using Durra Panel, Durra Soundsorb, and Durra Steel sections allowed for the creation of modular roof systems that not only met the project’s acoustic requirements but also offered added benefits.

Acoustical Excellence: One of the project’s primary objectives was to optimise the acoustics within the performing arts centre. The Durra Panel system, in conjunction with Durra Soundsorb, played a pivotal role in achieving this goal. By absorbing sound internally and preventing noise from escaping the building, the Durra Panel system significantly enhanced the acoustical quality of the space. Students and performers now benefit from an immersive and acoustically refined environment that fosters their artistic growth.

Architect: Cox Architecture

Builder: McCorkell Constructions

Installer: Roofese

Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day

Durra System Details:

Durra System: Roof Ceiling System

Durra Panel Finish: Natural & Soundsorb