Perth Arena


Perth Arena

A world class, indoor, multi-purpose, all weather arena that caters for sports and entertainment, even theatre or an intimate concert.
Durra Lifting Frame being used to install compressed straw ceiling panels
Compressed straw panel ceiling being installed in a stadium
Perth Arena was a cutting edge challenging design that required the highest levels of acoustic performance.

The combination of Durra Panel, Durra Soundsorb Cassettes and Durra Steel Sections were specified for use due to the safe, cost-effective method of ground based panelised installation using the Durra Lifting Frame.

A corner stone objective of Durra Panel is to satisfy the ever growing need for innovative techniques combined with modular solutions and pre fabrication – Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methodology. We use engineered precision processes to manufacture Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections in a safe and controlled off site factory environment in accordance with project supplied specifications and shop drawings. The pre-cut, marked and packaged components are then sent to site ready for safe, no waste ground based assembly into large panelised roof, ceiling and wall modules that are installed using the Durra Lifting Frame.

Architect: ARM Architecture

Builder: BGC Constructions 

Installer: QClad

Acoustic Consultant: Basset Engineering

Durra System: Roof Ceiling System

Durra Panel Finish: Cement Sheet & Perforated Flat Colorbond Soundsorb