Victorian Desalination Plant


Victorian Desalination Plant

This land mark project was featured on Discovery Channels Build it Bigger programme and is the largest desalination plant in the southern hemisphere.
Compressed straw panel ceiling system in an industrial facility
Durra Ceiling Panels used in industrial facility demonstrating durability
Durra acoustic roof system is the largest green roof in the southern hemisphere.

A challenging construction timeline required safe panelised pre-assembly solutions for the acoustic roof. Large 100m² modules of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections were constructed on a ground based assembly line and then crane hoisted onto the structure using the Durra Lifting Frame; over 400 lifts of pre finished roof / ceiling assemblies were required.

Durra Panel is supplied with a factory finished Acoustic Pattern to help control room reverberation times.

Architect: ARM Architecture 

Builder: Thiess & Degremont

Installer: Thiess & Degremont

Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day

Durra System: Roof Ceiling System

Durra Panel Finish: Acoustic Pattern