Series 3 Acoustic Studio - Clarence Town NSW


Series 3 Acoustic Studio - Clarence Town NSW

Made for one of Australia Country Music greats Rory Ellis!
"It's not just about the sound – it's about the ambiance"

Introducing a symphony of innovation and artistic expression – the Durra Panel Double-Layer Disconnected Acoustic Studio Series 3, uniquely crafted by Australian country music sensation, Rory Ellis. This studio isn’t just about the music; it’s about creating an immersive experience where sound and design converge seamlessly. With its distinctive Henna Red walls and advanced double-layer acoustic system, the stage is set for Rory Ellis to captivate hearts with his music.

The double-layer system creates an environment that naturally has sound absorption and blocks sound transfer, enabling him to deliver quality performance with every strum. Whether recording, composing, or sharing his creations, the Durra Panel Studio Series 3 sets the stage for brilliance.

Rory Ellis Testimonial:

“These panels, the service, the whole thing is awesome! So easy to do and a massive saving on building costs in a traditional format is what you must consider”