Home Fire Studios

/ Completed 2024

Home Fire Studios (Project Under Construction)

The Home Fire Studios project includes the construction of four purpose-built sound stages, each designed to meet the highest standards of acoustic performance and design.
High Performance for Low-End Acoustics

Alongside these sound stages, the project encompasses a comprehensive array of onsite screen production facilities and supporting offices to become Western Australia’s premier Film and TV campus.

Durra Panel Acoustic Building systems have been integral to the construction and performance of the Home Fire studios. Durra Panel was selected for their superior acoustic properties, sustainability, and innovative installation methodology. Durra Panel benefits include:

High Performance for Low-End Acoustics Durra Panel are engineered to deliver exceptional performance in controlling low-frequency sounds, which is crucial for high-quality sound production in the studios.
Speed of Construction The use of Durra Panels has significantly expedited the construction process. Their modular design and ease of installation allowed both structural and acoustic requirements to be met simultaneously, reducing overall build time.
Modular Construction The panels’ modular nature facilitated flexible and efficient construction, accommodating the complex design needs of the project without compromising on quality or performance.
Acoustics Ensuring optimal sound isolation within the sound stages.
Structural Integrity Providing robust and reliable materials for walls and partitions.
Sustainability Contributing to the project’s environmental goals with ecofriendly building materials.

Architect: Hassell Studio

Builder: Built

Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day

Durra System: Roof Ceiling System

Durra Panel Finish: Natural & Soundsorb