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What is Durra Panel

Durra Panel is the fully-certified wall and ceiling panel that insulates against sound and heat while being stronger, safer, and superior to plasterboard. It is also 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.


Our sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels offer high-performance, cost-effective solutions to address a wide range of complex acoustic needs.

Fire Resistant

Fully certified for fire resistance, Durra Panel provides an extremely effective barrier against the spread of fire, producing no flaming drops or dense smoke.


Durra Panel is made from reclaimed wheat straw, a natural & renewable resource. Instead of being discarded, this is turned into an eco-friendly building material.
Perfecting since 1985.

40 years of Australian innovation & quality

“We’ve put our experience and expertise to work to create a wall and ceiling panel that combines the properties of fire resistance, durability and thermal insulation all while being sustainable and eco-friendly.”

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How to use Durra Panel

Resealing a cut Durra Panel with aluminium sealing tape

Cutting and Resealing

Tips & Tricks
Durra Panel being installed into a ceiling grid

Installing Durra Panel in a Ceiling

Tips & Tricks
A Durra Panel modular home where doors and windows have been installed

Doors and Windows

Tips & Tricks
Tradespeople installing Durra Panel as a partition wall

Installing Durra Panel In Partition Walls

Tips & Tricks
Durra Wall Panels being installed in a sports facility project

Installing Durra Panel To A Wall

Tips & Tricks
Durra Panel Ceiling System application demostrating penetrations and services

Penetrations and Services

Tips & Tricks