Performance Range

Quietspace Soundsorb

Swatch of Durra Panel Quietspace Soundsorb Finish
Performance Range

Quietspace Soundsorb

An innovative solution for optimal acoustic performance, Quietspace Soundsorb combines the sustainability and natural acoustic benefits of Durra Panel with the compressed face and cushioned backing of Autex Quietspace® which provides NRC 0.85.

Elevate the auditory experience of your space while keeping it sophisticated with the classic neutral colour pallet.

Perfect for use in performing art centres, movie studios, sound studios, exhibition centres and spaces that require sound absorption and the stopping of breakout noise.

Available in black, grey and white.

Maximum Panel Size: 1187mm x 3000mm

Thickness: 75mm

Sound Absorption:  NRC 0.85

Nominal Weight: 29 – 32 kg per square meter

All materials can be supplied cut to specific sizes.

Best used for

  • Ceilings
  • Acoustics

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