Durra Beams as Girts

Durra Beams can span between structural columns as girts to create complete modular wall systems. By using the Durra Lifting Frame, modules can be lifted onto the structure, complete with selected cladding.

Durra Panel is available in a range of finishes to suit a variety of acoustic, thermal and aesthetic applications.

Durra Beams are available in two distinct profiles – I-Beam and Duplex Beam – to accommodate span lengths or application. Please see our Technical Manual for beam sizes and span capability to assist in specification of a beam type for your project.

Durra Tee Units act as bridging members between Durra Beams to form the two way grid and completing the perimeter support of the panel. Ideally placed at equal spacing along the Durra Beam.

Durra Panel Wedges are inserted in alternate directions through the web of the beam, spaced at nominal 450mm centres, to secure the panel into the wall grid.

Durra Beams as wall girts can be tailored to suit project requirements. Please consult your project Structural Engineer for further guidance on what Durra Steel Section is best suited for your needs.

Image of wall module being installed
Image of wall module being installed