Bendigo MPs visit the Durra Panel factory

March 8th, 2022
Lisa Chesters MP and Richard Marles MP visits Durra Panel factory

We were pleased to welcome Lisa Chesters MP and Richard Marles MP to our manufacturing facility on a recent visit. They were happy to find the true “Bendigo success story” that Durra Panel has been building for decades. Since opening the Bendigo manufacturing facility in 1963, Durra Panel has sourced raw materials from within 150 km of Bendigo, fostering ongoing and beneficial partnerships with local farmers.

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A truly sustainable and local product
Support manufacturing in regional Australia
Lisa Chesters MP and Richard Marles MP Visiting Durra Panel Factory in Bendigo

A truly sustainable and local product

Giving purpose to this usually wasted or burned material, we produce the panels using no glues, resins or binding agents in the panel core. This results in a material with inherent acoustic control, fire resistance and durability which is sustainably provided in the one product. Durra Panel is transported from Bendigo to projects across the globe and at the end of its useful life, Durra Panel is 100% biodegradable, does not contribute to landfill and can become a soil conditioner to contribute to future growth.

This simple and transparent manufacturing process is incredibly sustainable and provides a cradle to cradle material in which one life cycle is followed by another indefinitely. Durra Panel strongly believes in sustainable, zero waste design and start with the end in mind building methodology.

Lisa Chesters MP and Richard Marles MP meeting with Durra Panel's Managing Director Derek Layfield

Support manufacturing in regional Australia

After meeting with our Managing Director Derek Layfield and hearing all about our locally sourced and manufactured panels, special guests Lisa Chesters MP and Richard Marles MP are excited to “support manufacturing in regional Australia” and “ensure that the great manufacturing potential of regions like Bendigo, can be unlocked, supporting local workers and local jobs.”

And so are we!

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