Installing Durra Panel in a Ceiling

Durra Panel® is designed to work both with standard timber ceiling frames and our proprietary steel systems.

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Timber Ceiling Frame
For areas where timber beams are providing the structural support in a ceiling, each Durra Panel® requires a minimum 25mm perimeter support on all sides. This can be provided by the topside of timber beams and joists, or angle fixed to the inside of structural members.

Durra Panel® Ceiling Systems
If your ceiling needs to be more robust, or you are simply wanting an all-in-one roof and ceiling build-up, Durra Steel Sections provide a total construction solution.

Install Durra® Duplex or Durra® I Beams in simple span at 1200mm spacings between structural supports and fix off to a standard 4-hole bar cleat.

Space Durra® Cross Tee Units evenly along the length of the beam to complete the ceiling grid. These act as both lateral bridging members and panel-to-panel joiners.

Install Durra Panels® from above, with the base flange of Durra® Steel Sections providing continuous perimeter support.

Secure Durra Panels® into the grid with wedges to complete the trafficable system and be sure to allow space for insulation and roof sheeting to be installed.