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Compressed straw panel ceiling system during construction

The combination of safe, rapid and economical installation together with a large range of aesthetic surface finishes, plus the added benefits of impact resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation makes Durra Panel a highly versatile ceiling material with wide ranging applications.

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Single Layer Systems
Double Layer Systems

Single Layer Systems

Durra Duplex Beam

Section drawing of Durra Duplex Beam single layer ceiling system

Durra I-Beam

Section drawing of Durra I-Beam single layer ceiling system

Durra Suspended Ceiling System

Section drawing of Durra Suspended Ceiling System

Double Layer Systems

Durra I-Beam & Durra Duplex Beam Connected

Section drawing of Durra Duplex Beam double layer connected ceiling system

Durra I-Beam or Durra Duplex Beam Disconnected

Section drawing of Durra Duplex Beam double layer disconnected ceiling system

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