Pop Up Builds


Pop Up Builds

The proven earthquake, fire and typhoon resistance of the structure made selection easy. A bonus, is its modular flexibility. The structure can be increased in size, both length and width, and so the school, for example, could be the next Field Hospital or Emergency shelter in Baao if need be.
With skilled and unskilled labour involved, it was a community project that locals enjoyed.

The flexible modular nature of the Durra Building System allowed easy construction of this multi purpose unit, utilised on this occasion as a school building. With the Durra Building System providing quick construction at low cost, the school was up and running in one week. The method of construction is both simple and practical, and was readily adaptable to existing building practices/trades in Baao.

Durra Building Kits can be engineered to suit a variety of structures including: Low cost Housing, Remote Location Structures/Housing. Emergency Housing, Field Hospitals, School Buildings and Shelters Multi-purpose Buildings.

Durra Panel provided on-site consultancy, training, support, and backup from the start through to completion.