Durra Steel Sections

Durra Steel Sections

Durra Steel Sections

Keeping pace with the demands of an ever expanding building industry, Durra Panel has available a wide range of high quality galvanised steel sections used extensively to support the many Durra Roof and Ceiling systems.

Versatile in application, Durra Steel Sections are available according to span and general project requirements and are suited to level, curved or raking roof designs. In addition to the complete roof and ceiling systems, the sections are suited for use in suspended ceiling systems, and for particular applications as purlins or girts. Durra Steel Sections have been incorporated by leading architects, engineers and designers into all types of building projects — large and small in all States of Australia and around the world.

I-Beam 175 / max span 6.7m
I-Beam 200 / max span 7.1m
I-Beam 225 / max span 8.3m
I-Beam 250 / max span 9.5m
I-Beam 300 / max span 11m
I-Beam 350 / max span 11.8m
I-Beam 350 HS / max span 12m
I-Beam 400 HS / max span 13m

Dulpex Beam 80 / max span 2.4m
Dulpex Beam 125 / max span 4.7m
Dulpex Beam 150 / max span 5.1m
Dulpex Beam 175 / max span 6.4m
Dulpex Beam 200 / max span 7.1m
Dulpex Beam 250 / max span 8.2m

Best used for

  • Ceilings
  • Walls

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