Durra Panel to be used in the ground-breaking #GreenHousebyJoost

We are extremely excited to be a part of the #GreenHousebyJoost project that is currently under construction at Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square. Durra Panel is being used as the base layer of the roof system as well as the internal walls, flooring and ceiling of the building.

Building with the end in mind.

When Joost Bakker is building anything, his design philosophy is to always start with the end in mind. That is, to give the building a purposeful life and only use construction materials that can reused and/or repurposed, to avoid future waste.
Once the project design life had been reached, the Durra Panels can be reused in other buildings or alternatively, can be mulched down and returned back into the soil that they came from as a conditioner to enhance the growth of more food – completing the cycle of sustainable design!

The Durra Panel Difference.

The raw material used to produce Durra Panel is wheat straw, a by-product of food production and agriculture that is typically treated as a waste resource. That is why Durra Panel is a perfect fit for the #GreenHousebyJoost project.